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Posted by Anonymous Churchgoer on

“Bye mom,” she chirped, jumping from the back seat to the school curb. “Have a great d—“, the door slam truncating mom’s well-wishes. Through the jam-packed parking lot, radio blaring, out to the boulevard, mind racing, to the job, or the grocery, or the...

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Posted by Anonymous Churchgoer on

Tugging the leash so hard her collar dug into her throat, producing gasps and pants and a stumble from her owner, the Border Collie smelled her way up the last block on their nightly neighborhood walk. Stopping only when inconvenient, to smell another shrub, to stare down a rabbit or quail or...

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Hebrews // Week 1

Posted by Marty Williams on

The Bible is believed more than it is read. It is read more than it is studied. It is studied more than it is obeyed. This past Sunday I stated this repeatedly in the sermon as we began our series on the book of Hebrews. I got lots of confused looks. I could tell it did not sit well with people...

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