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Chaos Into Fruit

Posted by Anonymous Churchgoer on

I wonder if your thoughts in the shower, in the car during the commute or in the parking lot are like my thoughts insofar as somewhere in there (or most often for me) right as I approach the glass doors of the corporate building. They cause me a heavy sigh and then say, “What drama awaits me now?” Which employee messed up? Why did someone post that comment? What customer is displeased with our service? Why is the window leaking? Who bailed on a commitment made just last week?

I suppose what I’m really asking myself is, “Am I going to succumb to the chaos of the day?  Am I going to revert immediately to stress, anger, fear, knee-jerk responses, and truncated greetings?  Will I throw away any semblance of peace, patience, joy or kindness I may have restored over the weekend?”

Very likely, I will.  For I am perpetually unprepared to battle against the forces who slam into us the moment we step out into the world of daily grind.  They are effective; we often are not.

Today, though, as my hand reaches for the door, I ask not what drama awaits me, but instead, present myself to the One who will use me, in grace, to fend off the suspected.  That brief moment – asking Him to ready my mind and respond out of holiness of spirit – will change chaos into fruit.

ACC Churchgoer

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