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Posted by Anonymous Churchgoer on

“Bye mom,” she chirped, jumping from the back seat to the school curb. “Have a great d—“, the door slam truncating mom’s well-wishes. Through the jam-packed parking lot, radio blaring, out to the boulevard, mind racing, to the job, or the grocery, or the doctor, or the gym.  Somewhere to go, no time to get there.  Stop, go, lights, noise – the streets match the chaos inside her mind. Gotta get that in the mail before noon, gotta follow-up with her about our meeting, gotta remember to pick him up early from school today. What time is practice tomorrow? Why am I always late?

Our lives are important. Deadlines to keep, tasks to accomplish, goals to reach. People depend on us. We should not – cannot – let them down. Every so often, we shout to Heaven, “Please give me peace, rest, direction. Help.” We’re told God actually speaks to his children, but He never seems to have time for me. In the midst of all our success, how can we ever hear His voice?

He can, however, reach us – even with deadlines and commotion and clatter. He does so only when we first prepare to listen.  We have a role to play. When we regularly read, and pray, and share thoughts with a community of believers, how often we hear His peaceful voice interjected into the daily discord of our lives! He promises when we deliberately, willfully and repeatedly put His will above our success – follow His words, not our own – not only will He speak, but we will also hear.

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