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One Month to Live Series

Introduced: Winter, 2016

One Month to Live Campaign

In this series, Anthem Community Church explores the question, "What if you only had one month to live?" Throughout the series you will find practical insight on how to prioritize your life in accordance with the Bible. This series will change your perspective on life.


Put together by Kerry & Chris Shook, they have this to say about this six-week series: "No matter how much this idea makes you squirm, it's a fact. No matter who you are, or where you live, mortality remains the great equalizer. With each tick of the clock, a moment of your life is behind you. Even as you read this paragraph, seconds passed that you can never regain. Your days are numbered, and each one that passes is gone forever.


"If you're like us, you may be tempted to view this reality as harsh and unwelcome, to let it overwhelm and even paralyze you.  But that's not our purpose in writing this study series - just the opposite. Rather than inhibiting us to play it safe, we're convinced that embracing our time on earth as a limited resource has an incredible power to liberate us. For most of us, if we knew we only had one month to live, we would deliberate about how we spend the time we have. But such a contrast begs the question: What keeps us from living this way now? We invite you to take the One Month To Live Challenge!"


Watch the entire series here.


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