Due to the 50% capacity restrictions, we are still requiring sign-ups for Children's Ministry only
At ACC, we have multiple Affinity Groups to help you engage in your community - in the way God created you to be.  You can't build those deeper, more honest relationships with friends if you only see them once a week.  Joining in an Affinity Group helps to build those relationships outside of regular Sunday services.  Below is a list of our current Affinity Groups where you will find people that not only share your faith, but share your interests.

If you would like to join an Affinity Group, come check out our Next Step area in the Worship Center to speak with a group leader or volunteer or contact us by filling out the form below.

Do what you love with others that love it too.

Check out the list below of some of our currently running Affinity Groups and see which ones interest you.  Sign up today or let us know if there are any questions.

Bible Journaling

Leader: Michele Merryman
When: Saturdays, once a month
Where: ACC Worship Center
Come join us as we study God's Word and learn to creatively apply it to our Bible and our lives.

Service Groups

Leader: Alisa Mirabal
When:  1st Sunday of ea. month to decide plans
Where: Varies on project
Working as a community to lovingly serve our community.  Engage in various service projects  as we seek to bring value to those in need.

Pursuing Truth

Leader: Kevin Prince
When: Monday, every 3 weeks
Where: ACC Worship Center
Engage in learning God's Word to graciously, effectively, and truthfully share and defend our faith with those around us.

Couples/Single Ladies Golf Group

Leader: Cora Lynn Woodall
When: Varies on weather conditions
Where:  Courses vary
Enjoy some time out on the green as you build relationships with other women who enjoy playing as much as you.

Paper Crafts

Leader: Susie Reno
When: Monthly
Where:  Susie Reno's Home
Women create custom handmade greeting cards to give to loved ones or service organizations. 

Anthem Women's Outdoor Warriors

Leader: Michelle Bell
When: Monthly
Where: Varies
This group is for all women who enjoy engaging in a variety of outdoor activities for fitness and friendship. All skill levels. 

Targets, Traps, & Hunting

Leader: Craig Parks
When: Varies
Where: Varies
Put some time in at the range and in fellowship with other men who share this hobby.

Men's Golf

Leader: Dave Thornhill
When: Varies on weather conditions
Where:  Courses vary
Fellowship with other men on the course and put your friendship to the test.

Looking to get connected?

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