We are developing plans to regather as soon as we are able to provide the quality of in-person fellowship that you have come to know. Until then, please join us for online services.
At ACC, we have multiple Affinity Groups to help you engage in your community - in the way God created you to be.  You can't build those deeper, more honest relationships with friends if you only see them once a week.  Joining in an Affinity Group helps to build those relationships outside of regular Sunday services.  Below is a list of our current Affinity Groups where you will find people that not only share your faith, but share your interests.

Men's Golf
Women's Golf
Target, Traps, & Hunting
Mountain Biking
Next Level Board Game Night
LVAC Ladies Excercise
Hymn Appreciation

If you would like to join an Affinity Group, come check out our Next Step area in the Worship Center to speak with a group leader or volunteer or contact us by filling out the form below.

Looking to get connected?

Fill out the form below and let us know which group Affinity Group you'd like more info on.