Due to the 50% capacity restrictions, we are still requiring sign-ups for Children's Ministry only
We all have unresolved issues; wounds, rejections, or shame that we thought we had delt with or moved on from but that still have an impact on how we view relationships, the world, God, and even ourselves.  But God knows us, the true us, and he wants us to be able to live that truth that comes from an understanding and acceptance of who we are in Christ Jesus.

At a Pure Heart Weekend we get back to the root of God's word, our true identity, and what the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ means for us and how our eternity with him affects our lives today.  Whether you are at a stage where you need healing or you are solid in your walk with God, Pure Heart Weekend will help you in ways you never knew you needed.

Upcoming Weekend Events

Men's Weekends:
  • January 29-30, 2021 - Register HERE
Women's Weekends:
  • February 5-6, 2021 - Register HERE

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