Experience God’s work through prayer

Your life is a journey, and whether you’re experiencing
triumph or trial on that journey, you can experience the
blessing of prayer. Let us know how we can come alongside
you and pray for you or let us know if you feel called to join
in the blessing of being part of our Prayer Team.


If you would like to request prayer or celebrate an answered prayer, we would love the opportunity to come alongside you and lift up your prayer to the Lord.
If you have an emergency prayer request, please call the church office at (702) 750-2970.
We pray over all requests weekly through our prayer team and as a staff team.


As a member of the ACC Prayer Team, a heart and conviction for prayer is important. Though we do hope all those who attend ACC are praying for the many facets of the church, the passion and commitment to pray for ACC and its members specifically is a calling. If you would like to be considered for the prayer team or have questions, contact Shane Gettle.


Will I hear from a real person when I submit my prayer request?

Yes. Your text will be acknowledged electronically first and then a member of the Prayer Team will respond personally to your text. We strive to respond within 24 hours.

Will my prayer request be kept private?

The members of the Prayer Team (currently 7 individuals) and the ACC Executive Team will have access to requests. Discretion is important to us so all requests are treated as private.

If I’m not comfortable with submitting my prayer over text, is there another way to submit a request?

Yes. On Sunday, obtain a Welcome Card which has space for prayer requests. It can be dropped into the offering basket or offering box.


Shane Gettle

Connections Pastor