What is "Discipleship"?

The process of learning how to live for the glory of God by faith in obedience to Jesus through relationships with other Christ followers over time.

One-on-one discipleship is a journey through knowing, sharing, and living out the full gospel in partnership with a mentor who will help guide you through the fundamentals of your faith and towards your own unique and strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are being called to be a mentor or mentee, one-on-one discipleship not only lives out the commission that Christ left us with, but blesses you, your community, and even beyond.  Check out our sermon series and other info below on the incredible journey of discipleship.

The Journey

Disciples and disciple-makers will go through the materials as they cover an understanding of who God is, who Jesus is, what being a Christian really means, and what living out a Christian life dedicated to obedience of God's will looks like.  The discipleship journey may be quicker for some and difficult for others depending on their background and understanding of the Christian faith but all stand to benefit from intentionally spending time together in prayer, study, and reflection of God's Word and its application in our lives.

The Material

The materials we use for the discipleship process here at ACC is the Operation Timothy book series.  The materials go through the fundamentals of our faith, relationship with God, and knowing and doing His will.  The materials are broken into 3 books: Life Questions, Life Foundations, and Life Perspectives.  There is also a Leader Guide available to assist both the disciple and the disciple-maker in getting the most out of the study and their journey together.  Books are available online as well as digital books and iOS app.   

The Relationship

The relationship between a disciple-maker and a disciple are much like the relationship between the Apostle Paul and his disciple Timothy; one of effort and commitment.  Paul, the mentor, guided, equipped, encouraged, and empowered Timothy in understanding God and being obedient in following the call that God had on his life.  Timothy grew in faith through Paul's mentoring, and Paul's spiritual journey matured as well through bringing Timothy up in the faith.  Your discipleship relationship can experience similar growth and blessing.

The Purpose

The purpose of discipleship is to grow in the knowledge of our faith, following the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave (Matt. 28:19-20) and teaching others to do the same.  The relationship in focus isn't between the disciple-maker and the disciple, but rather each of us and Christ.  Though we are journeying together through discipleship, we are each growing and maturing in our relationship with Jesus.



How long is the discipleship process?

It depends on each disciple/disciple-maker.  You may be able to complete one chapter per week (20 total) but the chapters grow more intense as you progress.

Do I have to know the person before I disciple them?

Not necessarily.  If you're open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit you might find a great opportunity in discipling someone you've never met before.

Will I get matched up randomly if I sign up to disciple or be discipled?

We will never force anyone to take on a disciple.  If you would like to disciple someone, but don't have anyone in mind, we will provide a list of individuals in the same circumstance and you may choose (or not) to meet with them and discuss discipleship.

How do I get the Operation Timothy app?

The Operation Timothy app is available in the Apple AppStore and can be used over Android internet on your mobile phone or tablet.

What if I have a strong faith and walk with Christ, but I feel insecure about my knowledge of the Bible?

The Operation Timothy materials and the Leader Guide are designed to help anyone be able to understand and teach, the fundamentals of Christianity and a life in Christ.

Can I disciple more than one person at a time?

You can disciple more than one person at a time, although we encourage you to consider the time and attention needed for each disciple before over-committing yourself.

Can I disciple family members?

We encourage fathers to disciple their sons, and mothers to disciple their daughters, but we do not recommend that people disciple their spouses as it can create conflict and confusion in the mentor/mentee relationship.