Marty Williams

Lead Pastor
Marty Williams has served as Lead Pastor of Anthem Community Church since its inception in 2011.  Pastor Marty has sought to lead with the core mission of helping the Church community to live in the truth of Jesus Christ, in grace and truth, in everyday life including 2AM friends.

Jon Reed

Executive Director
Jonny has brought his passion for administrative effectiveness, ministry impact, and life change to Anthem Community Church, combined with his love for Christ and his people.

Colin Mattoon

Family Life Pastor
Colin runs our Family Ministry department which means he runs Children's Ministry, oversees Student Ministry, and is responsible for equipping parents to teach their kids how to follow Jesus. Before coming to Anthem, Colin previously served as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Church Planter, and non-profit director. Colin has been married to his wife Marianne since 2008 and has two kids named Davis and Ellie 

Keith Nelson

Worship Experience Pastor
Keith is dedicated to promoting Jesus Christ as King, the Light of the world, Lord and Savior. Honoring the Son as the Father (Jn 5:23) while creating a musical worship experience in spirit and truth. (Jn 4:24)

Matt Olin

Discipleship Director
Matt's journey has led to a deep passion to walk as a mature Christ-follower in God's love and to walk with others along the same hills and valleys of that journey. 

Pam Schultz

Director / Administration
The business and administrative aspects of the church are Pam's areas of work. She also manages the facilities of ACC.

Lydia Silic

Marketing Manager
Lydia desires to serve God by using her passion for the arts to help spread the word of what Christ can offer every individual in the church and in the surrounding communities.

Cheryl Burford

Every-Day Life Ministries Director
 Cheryl has been on staff since 2016 serving in hands-on roles that ensure the vision of the Church is brought to life through the families that attend. 

Lori Arnold

Guest Services Manager
Lori has been a part of ACC since 2011. Her passion for helping people feel welcomed, loved, and connected led her to Guest services and hospitality.

Shane Gettle

Connections Pastor
Shane leads our Connection ministries with a passion to connect others and help them feel valued. You will often see him, and his teams of volunteers, out front every Sunday helping to cultivate a safe and life-changing environment for every person that walks through the doors of our church. Shane has served in various leadership roles over his almost decade in ministry. He is married to his high school sweetheart of 20+ years, Jessica, and has two young kids, Chloe and Logan.

Kody Turner

Media Technician
Kody has been serving at ACC since 2018. He has enjoyed serving in the Tech Arts department and lending his talent and expertise.