1 John Devotional - Week 1, Day 5

Day 5: “Justice Requires Payment” – by Michelle Sullivan (Women’s Ministry Team member)

Read: 1 John 2:1-2

Review: While driving 70mph down Horizon Ridge Parkway, I’m pulled over for felony speeding.  At my hearing, I’m stunned to see my father sitting on the bench as judge! I am appointed a thirty-three-year-old attorney yet insurmountable evidence is presented.  Imagine my shock when my dad’s voice announces “Guilty.   Fined ten thousand dollars or one year in jail.”  How could you issue such a stiff punishment?  “Dear, in this court justice must be served.”  “But I don’t have $10,000 dollars.”  As the bailiff moves towards me with handcuffs, my high-powered attorney steps in between me and the bailiff, pulls out his wallet, and pays the fine.  Justice is served because the price has been paid for the sin of speeding—paid by my advocate.  That is what Jesus did for us—He paid a debt we could not pay, for sins He did not commit.  Our judge, high-powered attorney, and debt-payer.
Reflect: Do I carry unnecessary guilt forgetting that my sin is paid for?  Are there sins in my life that I continue because “my advocate will take care of my sentence”?  Holy Spirit, show me where I carry unnecessary guilt and point out areas where I need to repent and walk in victory.

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