1st John Devotional - Week 1, Day 3

Day 3: Two Places at Once – by Cheryl Burford (Everyday Life Ministries Director)

Read: 1 John 1:6-7

Review: Part of my job is managing ACC’s calendar - yet this happened: I scheduled myself to be in two places at once. Impossible. I had to choose.

1 John’s recipients were claiming to be walking in God’s light while simultaneously choosing darkness. Two places at once! They were allowing what John had been teaching them from the beginning to take a back seat to some new false teaching: big on grace but lacking in truth. They thought they could believe Jesus’s death and resurrection, receive forgiveness of sins, look forward to heaven…but live like hell, because…you know…GRACE.

Jesus died to forgive sin, and his resurrection places the light of his truth (via the Holy Spirit) into those who fully believe and receive Him as Lord and Savior. My job? To freely open the door of every dark corner of my soul to his probing light - and walk in it.

Reflect: Am I lying to myself? Am I still trying to be in two places at once, thinking I can participate in the full light of God while still dabbling in the dark? Holy Spirit, point it out to me.

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