1st John Devotional - Week 2, Day 5

Day 5: “One Family, Various Stages” – by Dave Thornhill (Church Member)

Read: 1 John 2:12-14

Review: Grandpas dozing off after a last nibble of cake, dads extolling the virtues of working hard and saving harder, college students home from break but terrified for the future, and little sisters still learning multiplication tables - the sights and sounds of family dinners. Each member lingering in their space, each on a path to what's next in their life experience. We extend patience to the littles, extract wisdom from the adults, and offer reverential care for the elderly. Family.
When John exhorts us to be wary of false teachers and remind ourselves that we are righteous in the family of Christ, he does so, understanding the various stages of our spiritual journeys. New Christians are reminded of Christ's forever forgiveness - you may not feel it, but it's true. Young men, in the middle stages, you are equipped with spiritual knowledge, have fought battles, and have conquered evil; you are warriors for Truth. And those furthest along the journey - you understand better the character of God. All are part of the Family of
Christ, progressing through the arduous journey to be more like Him, feasting at the heavenly dinner table.

Reflect: Do I know where I am in the spiritual journey?  What Truths of the Gospel do I need to be reminded of? Do I understand that I am in Christ's family and act accordingly - maturing as a believer to be more like Him?

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