by Dave Thornhill

Grace is a disposition. A noun, not a verb.  A way of living that guides what you are going to do, not what was done to you or for you.  Being gracious means you reluctantly see a sin, and rather than react harshly against it, you humbly realize and share the righteous truth against that sin, then authentically cheerlead the sinner through their own process of Grace-filled change.  Grace does not delight in calling out sin, nor is it prideful about being a Truth teller.  But Grace is also not about giving free passes; it changes us, not excuses us.  It is a process towards a way of being, with Christ as the example.
Likewise, a gracious person positions them self to receive from their friends the same Grace and Truth they are committed to giving.

A disposition of Grace creates harmony, balance, freedom, calmness within your soul.  It is expressed outwardly by kindness, gentleness, forgiveness.  Rest.  

We cannot even begin to work on a Disposition of Grace, however, without first accepting God's abundant and powerful Grace.  Our Grace is only possible because of His.

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