1 John Devotional - Week 6, Day 4

Day 4: “Who Should We Trust?” by Dave Johnson (ACC Elder)

Read: 1 John 4:5

Review: We would all agree that in today’s world we are barraged with information from everywhere. The news, social media and opinions from friends and family can be conflicting and confusing to say the least. Much of the time the worlds messages we receive are so strong and seemingly united that if we as Christians are not paying attention, we can be wrongfully affected. World views, by their nature, oppose God views and that should come as no surprise. Listening to those who abide in the world instead of those who abide in Christ is dangerous business.

The book of 1 John has given us this very clear direction that we can use for the purposes of discerning the voices we hear. We will all do well to be sensitive to the Spirit, be trained up to test and approve what we hear with Scripture and to hunger for the truth.

Reflect: What practical steps can I put in place to ensure I am discerning the truth each day? What may I need to eliminate from my life that continually feeds me information from those who do not abide in Christ?

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