1 John Devotional - Week 1, Day 4

Day 4: “If We…” – by Jeremy Burd (Men’s Small Group Leader)

Read: 1 John 1:8-10

Review: John gives us statements that all have to do with our sin, each starting with the same two words: “if we”.   John is reviewing the message that he has been teaching them from the beginning (v. 5-7): how we embrace the gospel - God’s light.

 Humans have a role to play with forgiveness of sin.  Seeking God’s forgiveness must, as John states, involve confession of sin (therefore our need for a savior).  With that declaration and receiving of Christ’s Spirit comes purification; refusal to confess calls God a liar and is self-deceit.

 “If we” have accepted Christ and his forgiveness however, we have a different, ongoing role: to walk as a forgiven Christ-follower, living out of his word which IS in us, and repenting when we choose to behave out of our flesh.  Confession is the beginning.  Repentance is the journey.  Forgiveness and righteousness are the fruit.

 Reflection: Lord, search my heart.  Am I spending more time seeking forgiveness for sins that Christ has already forgiven, or am I taking actionable steps toward repentance and walking in his truth?

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