1st John Devotional - Week 6, Day 3

Day 3: “HS > World” - by Jeremy Burd (Mens’ Small Group Leader)

Read: 1 John 4:4

Review: C.S. Lewis said, “When the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” That’s how it is for us who take 1 John 4:4 as truth to stand on: “He who is in me” (the Holy Spirit teaching us) is far stronger than “he who is in the world” (false teachers fueled by the spirit of deception - 4:6).

This should empower us not to fear false teachers or to fear looking like we’ve lost our minds, but rather trust the Lord and obey what His Holy Spirit of truth is teaching us. By doing so, we can overcome the powers of darkness and walk with boldness in this life, assured we are building our lives upon truth. In a world that looks like the Satan’s lies are winning, the truth that we have already conquered them makes all the difference.

Reflect: What would it look like if I truly took this truth and lived it out? In what areas in my life am I prone to follow the crowd because I am embarrassed of looking like I’ve lost my mind?

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