It's About the Gift

by Pastor Marty Williams

The Christmas season is filled with lots of traditions. Some traditions are shared and others may be unique to you and your family. There is one Christmas tradition we all share. Presents!

Presents bring joy and excitement. The shiny paper that begs to be torn off to reveal the surprise. Amelia, our youngest, loves the process of opening presents. The unwrapping carries for more joy than the actual present. This is such a big deal in our family that not only are the presents under the tree wrapped but all the contents in the stocking are individually wrapped as well. Have you ever had the privilege of unwrapping a package of gum? Not to get to the gum, just to get to the gum package. We even individually wrap each chocolate Kiss in tiny tin foil!

This Christmas season we at Anthem Community Church are getting to unwrap our new place of worship. It will be shiny and new with lots of excitement.  May we all remember it’s not about the package it is indeed about the present. The gift that is the Messiah. The Good News that we have a redeemer that makes all things new.

Merry Christmas
Pastor Marty

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