1st John Devotional - Week 6, Day 2

Day 2: “No Middle Ground” – by Ralph Acerno (Retired Pastor)

Read: 1 John 4:2-3

Review: The coming of "Jesus Christ in the flesh", refers to the great Christian doctrine called, "The Incarnation", in which the eternal Son of God became fully human. For Christians, this is both wonderful and amazing, for in Jesus we witness God, not invisible and distant, but personal and intimate. In Jesus, the love of God is made known, not only in his life, but in his physical death on the cross for our sins. Further, through his bodily resurrection, we are promised that we too shall be raised to new life. For John, there can be no middle ground or compromise regarding the incarnation for without it the Christian’s faith is in vain.

Reflect: Many today see Bible believing Christians as extremists who are unwilling to accept all religions as equal paths to God regardless of what they believe. John identifies such beliefs and people as "antichrist" in nature. If I were confronted by such a person, how would I respond?

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