1 John Devotional - Week 6, Day 5

Day 5: “Saints and Ain’ts” – Paul Bodine (Men’s Small Group Leader)

Read: 1 John 4:6

Review: John says in this verse “We are of God”.  The Cambridge Dictionary says about the word “of” that it is “used to show possession, belonging, or origin”.  In other words, we are His to be used as best serves His purposes.  That gives us an authority that is recognized by others who are also of Him and know Him, so they pay attention to what we have to say regarding Him and His truth.  By the same token, they that are not His, do not recognize the truth that we have to share with them.  By recognizing this distinction, we can know whether we are speaking or hearing from the spirit of truth or of error.

Reflect: Do I live with an awareness of the authority that comes from the fact that “we are of God”?  If, so how does that reveal what is from the spirit of truth and the spirit of error in my daily life as I interact with saints and ain’ts?

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