1 John Devotional - Week 8, Day 2

Day 2: “100% God. 100% Man. 100% True.” – by Jim Schultz (ACC Member)

Read: 1 John 5:6

Review: Scholars have debated this verse for some time, but the generally accepted interpretation is that the “water” refers to Jesus’ baptism and the “blood” to His death on the cross. At the time, there was false teaching of dualism: 1) that the physical was evil or corrupt and 2) the superiority of the spirit. There was also teaching that God’s spirit departed from Jesus just before His death and was denied the bodily resurrection.

John counters this false teaching and speaks to external, objective signs of Jesus and His humanity. Earlier in 1 John 4:2, John states that someone with the Spirit of God will acknowledge that Jesus came in an actual body. Many people today believe Jesus was real, but the number drops considerably when asked if they believe He was fully human, fully divine, and led a sinless life to serve as the perfect sacrifice for our eternal life.

Reflect: How about me? What do I believe about Jesus, and does it match 100% with what the Bible teaches?

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