1st John Devotional - Week 3, Day 4

Day 4: “Staying On Course” by Jim Schultz (ACC Member)

Read: 1 John 2:24-25

Review: Earlier in the chapter, John warns against false teachers, prevalent in John’s congregation. This continues today. So often, people follow someone who can give them easy or false answers rather than seek the truth in scripture. They are deceived and many deny the deity and humanness of Christ, even saying there is no God. John urges the believers to stand fast in what they have been taught, which leads to a close and abiding relationship with the Father.

As a former pilot, flying a correct course depended on a working compass, pointing in the aircraft's direction, but the pilot needs to believe it and follow it! We needed to trust our training to stay on course and reach our destination. The same may be said of the Christian walk. Without an accurate study and understanding of scripture, we can lose our way and become susceptible to the easy or false teachings.

Reflect: Am I searching for Truth in scripture to set my course? Am I believing and following Truth?

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