by Dave Thornhill

Slammed to the ground, iron and steel knock the dry chalky powder from the plate, exhaling frost into the already sweaty and over-accomplished air of the community gym. Gloves, water bottles, straps, towels, music-players with Bluetooth ear buds. Mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Adonis stealing glances at his profile en route to the next station in full strut. Veins pop to the surface resembling a spider-like ridge on the moon’s surface. We love beauty. We pursue success. The gym is an arena to accomplish victory in both.
The body is a temple. We need to exercise and stay healthy. We should move more, eat less. Doing so provides energy, alertness, mental prowess, better sleep, improved relationships. At times, we workout to relieve stress, to escape reality, to get away from someone. To seek peace, or solitude, or joy. We hope it works, and it generally does. For a season.
In this city, we likely know someone dedicated to the craft of bodily temple beautification. They succeed greatly every day; their beauty launching ships by the thousands. Living the Truth in everyday life, though, requires us placing our hope in something greater than a season. Hope in ever-lasting peace and solitude and joy. Paul told the Romans that God is the source of hope, and will fill you completely with joy and peace (R 15:13); and the Psalmist sang “we put our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield” (P33:20).
Workout. Hike, ride, lift, run, play. Even admire your success a little along the way. Do them happily, but pursue them with all your hope and you’ll be eternally disappointed. Live the Truth.

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